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Sex and Juice and Radio 4 - well, mainly radio 4

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October 18th, 2006

10:39 pm - testing democracy
4 million people signed the petition that was delivered to 10 downing street today. It is believed to be the largest ever signed. it represents 8% of the adult population. will parliament, the government or the prime minister take note of this attempt to invoke a democratic petition of gentler times...

and if they do not, can they blame the rest of us if we conclude that the quiet requests are pointless and that politicians will only listen to loud angry protests and the noisy necessity of riot.

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October 7th, 2006

02:41 am - should we really support troops out of afghanistan
Its interesting how troops committments in aghanistan and iraq are portrayed as the same issue by both the left (troops out) and the right (more troops wanted) but i've been questioning and struggling for a while over the question of whether i really think troops should be brought home.

Before the invasion it is estimated that 70,000 girls and young women were able to attend school. Now the estimate are that 5,000,000 attend school.

Is the troops out of afghanistan movement really about anti-imperialism. Is it racism that drives the desire to bring the tommy's home or pragmatism. Will the women, minority ethnic groups and secular humanists thank the west if we leave afghanistan to the taliban and the warlords?

I dont think for a moment the troops are helping the situation in iraq. But in afghanistan i find myself wondering if some of the voices for bringing the troops home are reactionary forces who want to see reactionary islamic interpretations of shariah law re-imposed on millions of people.

stop spraying the poppy and build schools and hospitals instead... education for all and lets see if a literate population will support a medieval religio-poltical dictatorship - Troops out of iraq and disarm the afghani warlords...

what do you lot think

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October 4th, 2006

03:04 pm - UK CPS consultation on prosecution/policy regarding HIV transmission -
You maybe well aware of this, but thought I'd pass this GMFA reminder on, just in case you hadn't seen the consultation web link (it's long piece of text: there should be a link at the bottom - let me know if you don't see it, as it may get cut off):

CPS Consultation on Prosecution of Transmission of Sexually Transmitted Infections including HIV

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has launched a consultation on their policy for prosecuting cases relating to the transmission of sexually transmitted infections. They would like feedback on issues such as whether the defendant (the person accused of the crime) is tested or untested, what factors to take into account when deciding if transmission is reckless or intentional and whether there are wider health and social issues (such as stigma and disclosure of status) which need to be taken into account when cases are prosecuted.

Since 2003, the CPS has been prosecuting criminal cases of reckless transmission of HIV. Many of GMFA's members and volunteers have different ideas about whether, how and under what circumstances people should be prosecuted. In order to capture these differences, we are asking you to respond individually to this consultation. No legal expertise is required and anyone can respond. This consultation also relates to other sexually transmitted infections such as hepatitis C, herpes, syphilis so it’s also important to include any ideas you may have about prosecuting transmission of these infections.

The consultation document is very detailed and only looks at how and when people should be prosecuted. It does not address whether they should be prosecuted at all and although there is space for comments on the response form, they would prefer comments relating directly to the policy rather than wider ideas about criminalisation.

How to respond

It is essential that all of the different points of view around this important issue are heard. Below is a link to the Crown Prosecution Service website. It contains the draft policy which they would like feedback on and also a response form with the direct questions which they would like your feedback on.


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September 18th, 2006

06:16 pm - religion is so wierd
So where are we:
oh yes
herr benedict papus got himself into hot water by quoting a christian king whom he claims is 'erudite' and 'educated'. The geezer in question was a Byzantine Emperor also known as Manuel II Paleologus. And he was a 14th century bigot. That right we're talking 1321. ok.

Mr Manuel Paleolgus said: "Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached."
Its pretty standard stuff for the period... especially given all the crusades that had been taking place in the region over the prvious 3 centuries. And the deeply distrustful state of international politics in the east mediterranean.

But surely there is an irony being lost here when a demonstration protesting the papal comments and the 'insults' to islam, includes statements that people who insult mohammed have committed a capital offence and have only themselves to blame if someone executes them.

yeah thats right. lets refute the accusations of violence at the core of a faith by threatening its critics with death and violent.

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September 17th, 2006

03:41 pm - the leather-pound and vanillarisation
Have you noticed how perfectly good terms, associated with edgy, adventurous SM sex, have been borrowed by mainstream gay (vanilla) sex culture. Building on a hyper-masculinised fantasy that sells well down the gym and in the sex shops, terms like `sub` `dom` `top` `bottom` `sleaze` `fetish` have been appropriated. This is the modern gay sex scene - sex, maybe even gay men ourselves, as comodities. SM/subdom re-packaged as fetish-roleplay.

SM has Never been about physical strength. But why let the truth get in the way of fantasy (or profits). Tom of Finland was an pornographer, not a pervert. Contrast all that swaggering macho fantasy in Tom of Finland`s dressing-up-box vanilla to the Lack of machismo in Bastille`s sleazoid hardcore pervery. So much easier to market thrusting cocks in tight leather and denim rather than edgeplay sexuality in full rubber and sleaze. And those expensive leather clothes DO make money.

Is that whats important. Those `upper body harnesses` (originally for SM suspension scenes) have become de-riggeur for `dress-code` fetish/sex clubs. When Did a glorified leather bra become a symbol of masculine perfection? And those bulging pecs, harnesses, rubber suits, leather `police` uniforms or gap cargo pants - they dont come cheap. Oh, is that the point?

Is this the spirit of enterprise or the whiff of insider dealing, gay entrepreneurs exploiting their own community for private profits. After appropriating hanky codes and keychains into fashion accessories, reducing dress-code bars to glorified fuckrooms - perhaps its not surprising that through pornography, headlines and advertising, the language of pervery is diluted in the same way. Whatever next?

Suzie Krueger's FiST became merely a Hardon. And the once fierce 'fetish' dresscode now includes boots or jocks. Very radical sex i dont think. I'm writing to her, to Full Fetish (the Recon/Hoist joint venture) and to Backstreet to find out if my fetish (suits, vinatge suits and dandy dominant) will pass muster for their dress code or maybe £8 ebayed waicost might not be creditcard enough for their dresscode/class-code. I aint holding my breath over whether i have a legitimate 'gay' fetish...

Meanwhile the latest victim of vanillarisation is `roleplay`. Perhaps, borrowed to sound `rough` `macho` `straight-acting`. Have you seen the profiles: "Anal Kissing Oral Roleplay Wanking Vanilla"

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September 16th, 2006

08:34 pm - old german guru in parochial row
an old german guru now living in italy has been plunged into a eosoteric row over medieval cult relations. On a visit to his birthplace, herr benedict papus leader of the cult of the madonna and christ, was speaking to a bunch of his followers and quoted an unpleasant religious leader from 500 years ago who had unpleasant views on contemporary monotheists in what is now known as 'the middle east'
Uproar has occured with people in countries across the world saying that the views of the elderly german are damaging and hurtful to other monotheists, espeically followers of guru mohammed islam. Calls have been made by the bangldadeshi parliament, which surely has more important things to do like deal with education of women, re-evaluating rape laws or addressing poverty and poor sanitation, that the elderly german guru, who may or may not have been a member of the hitler youth organisation in world war two, should apologise.

Rather than point out how this further evidences how out of touch, irrelevant and parochial the man and his folowers are, this headlined the news across the world and pushed the continuing deaths in many countries from war famine flooding and poor sanitation down to footnotes on page four.

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September 15th, 2006

12:45 am - Vauxhall Ville
David Hoyle, the art-performer formerly known as 'the divine david', was on fine form tonight at the new vaudeville grown up queer club VauxhallVille. Replete with tables and people actually sitting down, Vauxhall Ville is the 40-somethings all-grown-up queer + intelligent caberet.
Every Thurs, at the entirely civilised hours of 8pm-midnight, the performers go on at 8 and there is dancing from 10pm. Future acts include ida barr, bearlesque and jonny woo. But the opening night starred the high priest/ess of radical queer cabaret david holye. A man who took his commitment to radical perfomance art to a point where he pushed himself over the edge into a breakdown and melancholia and ended the Divine David persona on an ice rink.
Now he is back, under his own name, and very sharp he is too.
A room of artists, performers, homosexual critics and literati. There was almost the entire pink pound entreprenuers of london squashed into the vauxhall tavern to hear him decree "we are all anarchists, and if you are not, what are you doing here". He bashed stonewall and their love affair with mainstream culture and the bourgeois society, and suggested we should celebrate homo infertility.
It was glorious. Lots of laughter, some of it uncomfortable and some excellent impro.
He brought a young 'busty' woman onto the stage who he 'interviewed' like a perverse chat show host. It seems she is a graduate of sylvia young stage school with a famous actress mother (or so i'm told) he suggested they 'do a reading' on stage. He chose Kathy Acker's Rock n Roll High School.

David Hoyle and Marissa Carr have jointly declared the death of the avante garde. If this was its funeral, then i look forward to wake.

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September 14th, 2006

03:50 pm - commonly held beliefs that make no sense
"Eat like a horse" - well actually a horse eats ten times its own weight in a year, a human eats 14 times.

and then there's "I before E except after C" -
Weird eh

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September 13th, 2006

03:12 am - welcome to the latest 'Friends of Kellanethics'
as i usual, i have overlooked and not paid attention to latest people who are kind enough to add me to their list of fireside friends
do pull up a chair, lounge around and have a cup of coffee, tea (green or black) herbal, fruit or even some hot water and fresh lemon if that is your bent

as other regulars in the privet times free house will tell you, my entries are somewhat erractic and can be very personal or very political and i make no apology

however, would all current friendly people please offer up a warm chair to:

temporal_shift , tea_and_cuddles , sei531 , ravenrigan , pengshui_master , nyecamden , kazoomonkey , becoming_writer and radio_brigit

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September 12th, 2006

08:27 pm - dentists
it seems, dear readers, that i dont have a local dentist who will treat people on the nhs.... amazing eh
my most recent dentist has apologised but they no longer accept dental patients who cannot pay full fat prices

does anyone out there know of a nice dentist who does accept nhs patients and isn't off the tube map?

recommendations please people

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